Why should we eat fruits?

Fruits are an important source of many nutrients. Fruits are potassium, fiber Vitamin C Contains nutrients such as folic acid. There are so many health benefits that can be obtained by eating fruits, so I encourage you to eat more fruits.

(1) By eating green fruits
– Good for eye health
– colon cancer Bladder cancer Reducing the incidence of breast cancer
– Slow down muscle degeneration
– Regulating detoxification enzymes for the liver

(2) By consuming red fruits
– Preventing sudden cerebral blood flow
– The skin looks like Reducing redness
– Ability to improve heart health
– Preventing prostate cancer

(3) Yellow By eating orange fruits
– Increasing antioxidant properties
– Regulating eye and skin health
– Reducing muscle pain

(4) Blue By eating purple fruits
– Protecting skin health from wrinkles
– Ability to stimulate the ability to prevent disease
– Being able to replenish depleted antioxidant levels
– Can prevent cardiovascular disease

(5) By eating white or colorless fruits
– Cardiovascular disease can prevent various cancers;
– Reducing the occurrence of osteoporosis
– Lowering blood cholesterol
– Reducing free radical damage.

Let’s take care of health by eating more fruits.Food is really medicine for you. Every food you eat needs to provide the best support for your body. There are fruits that will rejuvenate your skin. Let’s study.

Natural fruit

It is said that an apple grown naturally can make you feel as healthy as a doctor. Apples can be thinly sliced ​​and applied on the face, while green apples can help reduce acne. Relieves dark circles and eye bags, and contains vitamin A and C, making the skin healthy.


Mango has great benefits for health and skin. softens the skin and lowers cholesterol. Mangoes containing vitamin A and antioxidants make the skin healthy and youthful.


Raspberries are rich in antioxidants. It also contains fiber and vitamin C, so it is best for the skin. Vitamin C keeps the skin fresh.