About the world-famous Liver Lake

In the northwestern region of Myanmar, Anto Falang Township, in the northwestern part of Chin State,

There is a natural lake in Rikha Dor, which is a Myanmar-India border town. Legendary past histories. It is full of sophisticated beliefs and quirks.

The area of ​​the lake is 832 acres. It is said that the average depth of the water in the lake is 50 feet, and in the

deepest places it is up to 60 feet.More than five hundred years ago, It is said to be from the time when the Mizo Chin people settled there almost six hundred years ago.

The Mizo and Hual Ng people of the Chin tribe established cities and settled on the Chin Mountains from around 1450. Reed means the Reed universe and (DIL) means lake. This means that Reed Natmin’s place of worship is the lake. The traditional beliefs of the Chin people about Reed Lake, Besides the mythical existence, there are other peculiarities.

According to local residents, the water in this lake is unusually warm when the temperature in Hakha,

the capital of Chin State, is about 3 degrees below freezing.

In addition, the most special thing is that the water flows into this lake. It is also reported that without the drain water flowing in, the surface of the lake will automatically become muddy during the heavy winter season such as the end of December and early January.

It is believed that the souls of the deceased can go straight down into the lake in order to get rid of their longing for the past life and transition to a new life.

According to this belief, the Chin people visit Reed Lake every time the season is open. Funerals such as anniversaries are often held.

Chin State’s first airport, Flam (Surbon) Airport, has recently opened, so it’s easy to get around.

The legendary history of the past, sophistication, There are many beauties, and you should visit Reed Lake, which is the legendary lake where Reed is the resting place of the spirits, or the heart of Chin’s liver, or the world-famous Reed Lake.