A mysterious and beautiful black hole

I have heard about the Black Hole since I was a child. It is generally understood to be a large hole in space that absorbs and swallows.

Scientists have released a photo of a possible “black hole,” prompting social media to marvel at the “black hole”

photos. Roughly speaking, a “black hole” is understood to be a special place in the universe where the gravity in

(space-time) is so strong that space particles can absorb the radio magnetic field and light, and once you get into it,

you can never come back out.

I understand that “space time” is a four-dimensional image of the infinite universe to which “time” is added in a

mathematical sense. If “light” enters the “black hole”, the light will travel faster. It will be pulled at a speed faster than the original speed of light (299792458 m/s).

Light traveling so fast can escape being dragged past a boundary called the Event Horizon.

But once the light crosses this boundary point (Event Horizon), the “light” has completely entered the “black hole”.

(Light) will never be able to come out of the “black hole”. I think Event Horizon can be loaded with a swallow thread.

In fact, no one can go faster than the speed of light. But the “black hole” boundary “Event Horizon” has a strong enough suction to pull the light back.

The closest “black hole” to Earth is three thousand light years away. A light year is the distance that light travels in one year. At this distance of three thousand, the closest “black hole” to the Earth is located.

There are many “black holes” in the infinite space and they can move. Every “black hole” has its own gravity, so there is no way to avoid it. A “black hole” may suddenly collide and merge into a larger “black hole”. The infinite universe is unique and mysterious.