state of jealousy

Once upon a time, a rich man had a son who was late in life. That son doesn’t cry, he just laughs. The rich man used various methods to make his son cry in order to prove that his child was not different from other children.

At that moment, a monk from the Taitai shop walked past the rich man’s house. The rich man took his son in his arms and showed him to the monk. The child was not afraid of strangers, so he laughed when he saw the monk. He slapped the child painfully. The child furrowed an eyebrow and became quiet, but did not cry.

Boon Boon “Does this child have any kind of intellectual disability?” The rich man asked the priest. The monk said nothing and took a banana and a bunch of grapes from the fruit cup. And waved it in front of the child. The child thought for a moment and reached for the grape. And laughing again.

“This kid doesn’t eat all the bananas,” said the rich man. The monk nodded his head and said, “He takes what he wants, I’m not mentally retarded,” he answered. The rich man took the banana from the fruit cup. When the child saw this, he was confused, but he didn’t feel sad and didn’t cry.

I don’t know if this child is a monk. He must inherit the legacy of his disciples. He does not want his disciples to leave the forest. Glory to God, help me.”
The monk thought for a moment and took the fruit cup from the table. And he said to the rich man, “Come, I followed the glory,” he said.

When he arrived at the front door of the rich man’s house, three children were playing in front of the door. The monk looked at the children, I looked at the fruit cup. There were three bananas and a bunch of grapes in the fruit bowl. The monk called the children and gave one of them a banana. The children happily ate away immediately.

At this time, his son stretched out his hand and began to scream while pointing his finger at the banana. The rich man took the grape and said, “That’s a banana that my son doesn’t like at all. This is my son’s favorite grape,” she coaxed her son.

The child quickly took the grape and threw it on the ground in a fit of anger. He was just asking for bananas. The three children quickly ate the banana. They looked at the banana peel and laughed at the rich man’s son with satisfaction.

There, his son suddenly started screaming and crying. He is rich, The servants were startled. “Usually, he doesn’t eat bananas at all. Why do you have to cry because of bananas today?” asked the rich man in a happy and excited mood.
“Some people’s sadness in this world is not because they lost themselves; It’s because someone else got it,” the monk replied with a smile.

A kind of heartbreak comes from jealousy.