5 ways to lower blood pressure in ten minutes

I often have headaches; I get tired easily. I often have chest pains, and if I have high blood pressure in addition to these, it’s because I often lose sleep. stress, It may be due to being overweight. For whatever reason, I tend to have high blood pressure myself. If the adults at home have high blood pressure, these small methods can lower blood pressure in ten minutes and relieve complications caused by high blood pressure.

(1) Press behind the ears and neck

Gently pressing from behind the ears to the collarbone area can improve blood circulation and reduce high blood pressure. After that, pressing the number 3 place shown in the picture with your fingertips can help relieve high blood pressure and dizziness as soon as possible.

(2) Breathe only through the left nostril

Another way to lower blood pressure faster is to close your right nostril and breathe through your left nostril. Sit with your body upright and keep your neck straight. If you close your right nostril with your right thumb and breathe through your left nostril, your blood pressure will drop within 10 minutes.

(3) Drink a glass of water

Sometimes when the body needs water, high blood pressure occurs. So, when you have high blood pressure, take a deep breath and drink a glass of water.

(4) Lie on your back and relax your muscles

When you have high blood pressure, lie on the floor and relax your body. Closing your eyes and taking slow breaths normalizes blood circulation and gradually lowers blood pressure.

(5) Soak your feet in warm water

When you have high blood pressure, you need to keep your neck and head cool. And if you put hot water in a bowl and soak your feet for 15 minutes, it will normalize blood circulation and lower blood pressure immediately.