Words that are in the heart of fathers but are not spoken to their children

The inner words of fathers that they did not want to say to any child

Children only love the mother who gives them a bath. They don’t know how to love our fathers who filled the pot full of water.

Their mother also did not teach them. A busy mother in the kitchen.

They love their mother and will love it. I can’t wait to see their mother working.

They don’t think how much we have to work behind their backs to become that rice..

It’s easy for children to see only their mother’s milk price. They don’t know how to value the sweat value of fathers like us.

They think that the sweat they lick all their lives is not as sweet as milk.. Our fathers are men. If you have pride and courage, you will not bow down.

But no matter how our employer treats us for child support and wife support, No matter how bravely, I had to crush my children’s faces and crush my pride.

Male courage has to be swallowed. I love my children no less than their mother. More will be more.

But…no child feels the love of their father like us…they immediately know the love of a mother who gives them an umbrella.

They don’t know the love and affection of a father who creates a safe and warm life behind the scenes. They don’t see. I’m sorry..

They tend to love my mother, who likes to drink cold water. It was our fathers who filled the water pot full of water.

I am ashamed to say this. Our fathers do not want to say this to any of their children.

a glass of beer My wife sometimes gives blood to her children to make our love worthless with a week of alcohol.

When you meet friends, sometimes there is a sense of harmony. Whatever he did, he thought of his wife and children.

They don’t take these into account. The housewives don’t directly say what they want to say. Giving blood to children.

I was asked to speak through my children. That’s how my children started to hate me. It’s not like I’m teaching them to hate me, but it’s like I’m teaching them not to love me. .

The women of the house should understand the words “My good father”. The Burmese language has a deep meaning. Good father means good mother to father.

If there is a child who does not embrace the father, it is because the child’s mother is bad. Now my children don’t know how to love me.

My mother is not well, so I don’t like my father. I don’t love you… I also want to be loved by my children.