A man like a horse? A person like a swan?

Once, a horse and a goose met in a pasture. The goose looks at the horse and mocks the horse’s behavior. I think it’s because I don’t like the style of the horse. That’s why he spoke in his usual shrill voice.

Hey horse… We are bigger animals than you. How much use is your big body? I can walk well on the ground. In the wind, I can fly as I want with these two wings… When you get to the edge of the water, you can swim in the water and play calmly.

I am a bird in the sky Fish in the water An elephant on the ground buffalo They have the power of all three kinds of animals like cows .”The horse laughed heartily when he heard this. “Sweet Goose, you have the power of all three animals.

Yes, I can talk big and talk big as much as I don’t do dirty work anywhere. Please review your power. Flying in the air. Registering the bird that does not carry the weight of the body and just flies free from the ground. Like seagulls and hawks.

What fish in the water. Yes. In the calm waters of the lake, I had to run away in shock when there was a strong wind and rain. The swimming champion is like a goldfish. Walking on the earth again, Rev. The big carts are moving without moving. The one who met him with his neck stretched out and looked at him, he still used to roar and sing loudly.

Have you noticed that there are hardly any people who say they love you? As you said, I have only one kind of power. But one kind is as powerful as the other. There is no place in my body that is not useful. All developed to run at speed.

I know how much I can run by looking at the muscles in my legs and arms. If you run, you can see that as much as you run, your body releases energy.

Yes…..I am one of a kind. The kind of guy who is able to reach the top. You’re not the kind of guy who is always busy and has no idea what to do,” the horse said angrily.

Are we swans? A horse? One by one, one by one, one by one, one by one, let’s grow as much as possible, let’s rise to the top of our ability like a golden horse….