The value of honesty cannot be estimated

The centipede on the stone called out, “Is there anyone in the world who has as many legs as me?” The port demon on the nearby stone hill said, “Do you dare to compete with me?”

One day, Amita Bachchan came up with a matter to travel by plane. The man sitting next to him on the plane was a middle-class looking man older than him, wearing only a plain shirt and pants.

The old man seems to be educated. He was reading a newspaper. At that time, the stewardess welcomed her with tea.

The old man took the cup of tea and smiled lightly at Amita Bachchan, who was standing next to him. Amita Bachchan smiled at the man and said, “Hello.”

He said “Hello” back. Then the old man looked at me with a smile and asked, “What are you doing?”

For sure, it seems that he does not watch the movies of famous Bollywood Amitabh Bachchan. Therefore, I smiled and said, “I work in the movie business, Mr. U Kao…do you watch movies?”

Well, I watched it… not a lot… just one movie after many years.” What’s more certain is that he hasn’t watched Amitabhachan’s movies yet.

In my mind, I wondered if I might not know a famous Bollywood actor like me.

The old man asked again, “Maung Ring is in the movie industry, so what do you do?”

I’m an actor.”

“Oh… Prince, that’s good.”

The old man just said this, and my mind fell into a trance again.

At that time, the plane had already signaled to land. We are about to leave. I gave the old man a hand…

“I am Amita Bachchan”

The old man smiled and said… “Yes… I’m glad to see you… Remember your name as well.”
J. A. D. Tata”…

At the end of the old man’s speech, I was extremely embarrassed. In fact, that person named *J.A.D. Tata* is a rich man who is the owner of TATA Company, who is rich in millions in India.

Bollywood actor Amitabh Bachchan recalled, “I learned a lot from that day. I thought I was a very great person, and I thought I was close to blood.

I feel like an ordinary person doesn’t know me.

Actually… he doesn’t know me at all… I regret not knowing him.

Very honestly and humbly… a businessman who showed himself to be ignorant of what he was doing unexpectedly gave the lesson..

Something that cannot be valued.