Do you have expired items?

One of the habits of most of our people is to use something until it is damaged. This is a wrong idea. .

Some items are not damaged but need to be replaced often. If you use it too much, it can cause unwanted health problems.

Your pillow

You shouldn’t use your pillow for more than two years from your bed where you sleep every night. As you sleep, your saliva often falls on your pillow, so it collects in the pillow and the dust mites stay there for a long time. .

Other things that affect your health often occur through dust mites. Because of long months of use, the pillow has become low and causes pain in your back. .

Indoor shoes

Indoor shoes are made of cloth and cotton, so they must be replaced every six months. If you continue to use them until they are torn, fungi and bacteria will be harboring them, so your feet may be infected with something and your health may be affected. .

A towel

After using the towel for about two years, replace it with a new one. If you keep using it until it’s worn out, the bacteria harboring in the towel can cause infection in your skin.

Every time you use it, you should wash it with hot water and put it in the hot sun. Be careful not to use certain items for long periods of time.

Health is your guardian angel.