5 ways to cook fried vegetables so that the nutritional value does not decrease

I want to share these 5 ways to get full nutrition when cooking vegetables.

(1) When vegetables are boiled, the green juice runs out, and the vitamin C from the green pigment is often included in the broth. Therefore, avoid boiling vegetables or boiling them with water as much as possible to prevent the green juice from coming out.

(2) When frying vegetables, add some kind of fat. Some vegetables are less digestible, so when frying them, add some kind of fat. Beta Carotene and vitamin D and K are soluble fats, so when they reach the intestine, the leaves are digested better.

(3) Don’t over fry the vegetables. In fact, some of the nutrients and green pigment cells in these leaves help the body a lot. Therefore, fry the beans to make them as green and moist as possible.

(4) Add citrus juice. Mustard, cardamom and green flowers contain iron, but it is difficult to digest. lemons Fruits such as lemons are rich in vitamin C, so squeeze some lemon or lime juice and eat salads to eliminate the iron content of vegetables. It’s better to do fried food.

(5) It is best to eat together. Roast all the fruits and leaves, frying, After cooking and boiling, the vegetables released vitamin C, but when combined, vitamin C was not released, and the nutritional value was approximately the same.

That’s all. How to cook. Let’s correct the vegetable stir-fry methods that moms had a misconception about and cook them at home the next day, full of nutritional value.