5 Chef’s Secrets to Shrimp Mayonnaise

If you say shrimp mayonnaise, you’ll think it’s a very cool dish. There are those who want to eat it as soon as they hear it. Therefore, how to prepare shrimp mayonnaise at home, which is loved by both children and adults. I’d like to share the secrets of famous restaurants to make them work.

To be fresh shrimp

In making shrimp mayonnaise, it is important to have fresh shrimp and know how to handle the shrimp expertly. If you buy shrimp from the market, you need to cook it within 24 hours to get the freshest taste. If the shrimp smells like ammonia, you should not eat it at all. In order to get a good shrimp dish, it is important that the cooking time is not too long.

If you overcook the shrimp, If you add more water, If the shrimp is fried too well, the original taste and tenderness of the shrimp will be lost and it will be tough and not good to eat. Therefore, when making shrimp mayonnaise, care must be taken to ensure that the shrimp are fresh and that the cooking time is not too long.

Shrimp cleaning and handling

If the shrimp are too cold, put them in hot water. You should not melt the ice by adding it to the pan. Just soak him in a bowl of cold water and soon the ice will melt and he’ll be ready to cook. This is also a point to remember. Wash the shrimp that will be used to make the shrimp mayonnaise. You have to peel back. The tail must be left.

That way, you will get a little shrimp that is soft, and it will be delicious. Its main point is to split the back of the shrimp and make a butterfly shape. Split the back of the shrimp with a sharp knife and remove the black gut. Now it has become a butterfly. After handling this, it is also important to dry the shrimp with a kitchen tissue instead of putting them in a dish.

Making mayonnaise

Good quality egg yolks to make healthy mayonnaise. salt pepper, Mustard paste based on mustard seeds. lemons All you need is olive oil. If you already know how to make mayonnaise as a base, garlic, tomato, The smell of spices, etc. You can use a mix of flavors.

Prawn mayonnaise with boiled vegetables, It is prepared with a variety of fried vegetables, but the favorite among consumers is mixed with pineapple. The sweet taste of shrimp and mayonnaise is best supported by the sour smile and sweet aroma of pineapple. If you want to eat it with fried vegetables, it is important to boil all the vegetables in boiling water and then roll them in oil.