In 2022, the arrival of foreign tourists to Vietnam will increase significantly

In 2022, the arrival of international tourists to Vietnam was nearly 3.7 million, an increase of 23.3 times compared to last year. However, Vietnam’s General Statistics Office said on January 2 that there was a slight decrease compared to 2019 before the outbreak of the Covid-19 disease.

From January to December 2022, the number of foreign tourists who visited Vietnam by air was nearly 3.3 million, which accounted for 89.5 percent of the total number of international tourists entering the country.

In 2022, 2.6 million foreign tourists from Asia entered Vietnam, an increase of 19.5 times compared to 2021.

In addition, compared to 2021, the number of foreign tourists visiting Vietnam is 31.8 times that of Europe. 67.6 times increase from America respectively.

It is also reported that Vietnam had a record increase in the number of foreign tourists in 2019 to more than 18 million.

Vietnam expects to receive more than eight million foreign tourists in 2023, according to Vietnam’s National Tourism Administration.

Reference: Xinhua