Traditional foods Myanmar

Later, Myanmar has become a unique new tourism industry. Therefore, our attractive country is visited by foreign tourists.

During the visit, we taste many traditional foods from Myanmar. We will share the Top 10 most popular foods from these traditional foods and what they are about.

1. Tea leaf salad

It is the most popular Burmese food. tomatoes with main tea leaves; Nuts Mixed with peas, pickled, bitter spicy sweet It is a traditional food with many flavors. Burmese people eat this dish as a snack and also with rice.

2. Shan rice

This rice is made with fresh water fish cooked with turmeric and garlic oil as well as leek roots, It is a delicious dish with garlic and tender pork.

3. Dishes

The dish is pork, fish, Shrimp beef or lamb meat are delicious foods. These include spices and fresh vegetables. If you eat it with rice and a cup of soup, it will be very tasty.

4. Teahouse food

Tea shops are great places to enjoy the taste of Burmese food made with tea and milk. You can eat many traditional Burmese snacks at this tea shop.

5. Fried bean snacks

In other countries in Southeast Asia, the snack is usually defined as candy, but in Myanmar, coconut, coconut milk rice flour fried dry rice Yam, A variety of fruits and fried beans are considered snacks.

6. Pork/Beef Sticks

Myanmar has many popular foods. A variety of traditional foods can be found on the street or in teahouses. Among them, the most popular foods are fried bra, salad dressings pork/beef sticks; Foods such as green cabbage.

7. Shan tofu noodles

In fact, it does not contain tofu. rice noodles It is made from boiled chicken or pork, chili oil, produce, It is a complete and delicious meal with broth and various spices.

8. Royal salad

Tourists love noodle salads, and the most popular is the Nanggyi Salad. On average, chicken curry rice noodles, It is a traditional food consisting of bean paste and egg slices.

9. Bread

Myanmar is so unique that it can’t be separated from the bread. It is a favorite breakfast but can be eaten at any time of the day or night.

10. Shan noodles

Chicken with noodles Made with vegetables. Compared to other noodle dishes, this is a relatively simple but delicious meal. It is also a traditional food of the Shan people of Myanmar.